Beacon Theater
New York, NY
March 23, 1989

The Stonecutter Collection Vol 98

Source: Sony ECM-909A mic > Sony WM-D6c (Maxell XL-IIS)

Transfer: Sony Deck TC-WE 475 > gold tipped cables > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (44.1)

Editing: Soundforge > Wav > TLH [sector boundary aligned] Flac Level 8

Traders Den 12/30/15

Transferred, edited and tracked by George upload 681.


Formed in late 1980, originally called "The Bangs"

This 1989 tour marked the end of the Bangles, not returning again until 2000.

Thanks to Rich for taping the show. This is the first time being transferred and flac'd.

When the band starts 'Manic Monday', they play the opening notes to the Prince song '1999'.

'Manic Monday' also had a loud blast of feedback @ 1:36. I dropped the volume at that 1 second spot .

You can check out other 1989 dates here. I'd like to find more dates for this tour.

Band line up
Susanna Hoffs � vocals, rhythm guitar (1981�1989, 1999�)
Debbi Peterson � vocals, drums, acoustic guitar, percussion (1981�1989, 1999�)
Vicki Peterson � vocals, lead guitar (1981�1989, 1999�)
Michael Steele � vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar (1983�1989, 1999�2005)

I hope you enjoy this new recording.

Happy Birthday Rich !!!

Samples Provided

Side A
01 Hazy Shade Of Winter (Simon & Garfunkel)
02 Glitter Years
03 Live
04 Manic Monday (written by Prince)
05 Crash And Burn
06 Complicated Girl
07 I Wish I Could Be With You
08 Creeque Alley (The Mamas and the Papas)
09 I Fought The Law (Bobby Fuller)
10 If She Knew What She Wants
11 I'll Set You Free
12 Bell Jar
13 Make A Play For Her Now

Side B
14 Something To Believe In
15 Eternal Flame
16 Some Dreams Come True
17 Angels Don't Fall In Love
18 In Your Room
19 Watching The Sky
20 Walking Down The Street
21 Walk Like An Egyptian

Total Time = 83:20 min