The Bangles
November 8, 2011
The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA

equipment Zoom H1 on board mics
Transfer-zoomh1-usb-cdwav editor-flac

A checkout release
taped by there not quite the best but their still pretty good

taper notes:

won this from a radio contest and the show was a blast, (tip for broke tapers, local radio station websites great place to score
free tickets without the "be the 9th caller racket"

great show lots of energy.

Quality would be A-. the vocals and instruments are clear as I had a sweat spot somewhere in the middle. Unfortunatly mic
position picked up the assholes who could not stfu. chatter alot of it, and unfortunatly didnt realize how much the mics
picked up until I listened back the next day.

as always dont sell share freely, just keep the info the same.

"as a taper, you have a 1 of a kind collectors item. your fellow people have shirts that fade books that get lost, but your
recording lasts forever"