Banjo Contest
June 03,2016
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Boogie Stage
Bill Monroe Music Park
Bean Blossom,IN

source-sbd > DR-40 @ 24/48
transfer-DR-40 > Audacity > TLH
taped,transferred,shared by indydarkstar

Mike Aley
01. Steam Powered Aereo Plane
02. Blackberry Blossom
Randy Brown
03. unknown
04. unknown
Kevin Horton
05. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
06. Shooting Star
Dan Troyer
07. Cowboys & Indians
08. unknown
Michael Tinsberg:
09. Just Before The Battle Mother
10. unknown
Andy Malloy
11. unknown
12. unknown
Kevin Wilson:
13. Gentle On My Mind
14. Jerusalem Ridge
Elvin Decker:
15. Fortune
16. Pet Frog
Uma Peters:
17. unknown
18. Jaybird
19. deliberations
20. winner announced

thanks to JHMF for the hospitality
and the sound crew for the patch
please support artists and venues that allow us to do this
go see a show,buy some stuff,take a friend