Banjo Workshop 2019-04-27
Mayes Pit Stage Merlefest
Wilkesboro NC

Pete Wernick - banjo
Eric Gibson - banjo
Jens Kruger - banjo
Uwe Kruger - guitar
Joel Landsberg - bass

1 Mayes Pit stage intro
2 intro
3 Pete talks
4 Lonesome Road Blues (all 3)
5 Pete talks with Eric
6 Cripple Creek (Eric only)
7 Pete talks with Eric
8 I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
(Eric sings and plays)
9 Pete talks with Eric
10 Jens talks with Pete
11 Meteor Shower (Pete only)
12 Jens talks with Pete
13 Pete talks with Jens
(includes brief demos)
14 Beautiful Nothing (Kruger Brothers)
15 Pete talks with Jens
16 Grandfather's Clock (all)
17 Salt Creek
18 outro

SP-CMC-8 (cardioid) > Tascam DR-100mkIII @ 24/44.1 > Sound Studio (tracking and 16 bit save) > xACT (fix SBE and flac conversion)

Compressed 15X above -12 dB with 12 dB post gain. Applause suppressed.

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