Bottom of the Hill
San Francisco, CA
March 26, 1996

Lineage: unknown AUD > CDR > Max > AIFF > SoundStudio (for tracking) > FLAC

01 intro
02 $1,000 Wedding
03 Bold Letters
04 Goof on the Roof
05 The End of the Rainbow
06 Haze Is Free (Mounting a Broken Ladder)
07 Someone Wants You Dead
08 Ladies of the Sea
09 Epicac
10 The Arsonist Story - Evil Craves Attention
11 Scissors

Outstanding audience recording of a Barbara solo gig during the tail end of the SF Seals era. (She plugs an upcoming Seals show for April 27 at the same venue.) Includes one of the first performances of a segment of “The Arsonist Story,” plus Richard Thompson’s “The End of the Rainbow” a year before it ended up on “1212.”