BARBARA MANNING (with Calexico)
Geislingen, Germany

Lineage: Soundboard > Analog Cable > Tascam DA-20 (16 bit, SP 48 kHz) > DAT (Denon R-180DT, Digital Reality, 90 meter tape) > ?? > CDR > Max > FLAC (see notes below)

01 Rickety Tickety Tin
02 Marcus Leid
03 End of the Rainbow
04 Ipecac
05 How Did You Know
06 Arsonist Story
07 That Kid
08 On On and One
09 Isn't Lonely Lovely
10 Someone Wants You Dead
11 Don't Let It Bring You Down
12 Scissors
13 Pulp
14 Ladies of the Sea
15 Dock Ellis

This one is truly special. In 1996, Barbara Manning toured Europe with Calexico, with Joey Burns and John Convertino first playing a set on their own, then serving as her backing band for the closing set. This is the only recording I've heard from this lineup, and it's an absolutely stellar one: a terrifically mixed SBD featuring several songs that were to appear on Barbara's then-unreleased 1212 album.

The lineage above is assuming it’s the same source as the Calexico portion of the show, which has been shared separately. There’s a very small amount of hiss present on this set, possibly due to a cassette transfer before it arrived at me via CDR, but this is the best version I’ve been able to locate — and it’s an outstanding recording in any case.