Barbara Manning
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA
June 9, 1997

SBD > CDR > AIFF > SoundStudio (for tracking) > FLAC

01 false start
02 $1,000 Wedding (Gram Parsons)
03 Hanging By Strands
04 Your Door Shines Just Like Gold (The Loft)
05 Bold Letters
06 Never Park
07 Dock Ellis
08 Someone Wants You Dead
09 The Arsonist Story
10 Isn't Lonely Lovely?
11 Pulp
12 Everything Happens By Itself

First of two nights as solo opener for Yo La Tengo in San Francisco. Terrific soundboard recording, starting with three covers, one of which (The Verlaines' "Hanging By Strands") Barbara says she's never played before, but which would later end up on her "Homeless Where The Heart Is" EP.