Bardo Pond 2003-10-21 Birmingham SBD master

Bardo Pond
Sanctuary, Digbeth, Birmingham, UK
21st October 2003

01: Sunrise
02: JD
03: Every Man
04: Tommy Gun Angel
05: Test
06: Again

Michael Gibbons
John Gibbons
Isobel Sollenberger
Clint Takeda
Ed Farnsworth

Supporting Mogwai

Recording: Soundboard > Sony MD deck (venue's own, built into desk)
Transfer: Sony MDS JE530 > optical out > Edirol UA-1D > USB
Wav > Audacity (fade in, fade out) > CDWave (track splits) > Trader's Little Helper (FLAC6, checksums, testing)
Taped by Rob Strong.
Thanks to threelobed for his assistance with setlist.

Ed Farnsworth had arrived from the USA in time to drum at this show.
Earlier in the tour, Bardo Pond's drum stool had been filled by Martin Bulloch from Mogwai.

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