The Barr Brothers
7/6/13 Big Meadow Stage, High Sierra Music Festival, Quincy, CA

Source: Schoeps MK6>KC5>CMC6>MOTU Ultralight>(44.1kHz 16bit)>WAV(Normalized in Peak 6.2.1>AIFF>FLAC16(XLD 20130720) Recorded & Tracked by Harry McQuillen

One Set

1. Sleeping Operator
2. Old Mythologies
3. Ooh Belle @%
4. Give The Devil Back His Heart @%
5. Beggar In The Morning
6. The Devil's Harp @@
7. technical difficulties
8. Please Let Me Let It Go @
9. Half Crazy @*
10. Lord, I Just Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes
11. Cloud (for Lhasa) @
12. If You Leave Me

@ with Kal Traver (sax), Alex Toth (trumpet) and Adam Dotson (trombone)
% with Skerik
@@ with Alex Toth
* With Mike Dillon

Thanks to Ian Stone for loaning me his micas!
No fault of the micas but not the best recording ever. Weird mix from the mains, lots of wind (and windscreens on) and some talkers. Nice set though!

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