Barrence Whitfield and the Savages
Evanston Space, Evanston, Ill.
September 3, 2015

Lineage: Master, Edirol R09-HR

The only audio editing was that I had the levels set too high as
I pushed record, so I brought them down in the first few seconds
of the first song and evened them out in Amadeus Pro. No further
touch-ups were needed. Barrence's voice was often lost in the mix
(you'll hear it but you won't hear it that clearly), but Peter
Greenberg did some amazing guitar work and the whole band was on
fire. Great show! Energy levels were high. A lot of these are from
the new "Under the Savage Sky" on Bloodshot.

The band:

Barrence Whitfield: vocals
Peter Greenberg: guitar
Phil Lenker: bass
Tom Quartulli: baritone and tenor saxes
Andy Jody: drums

Set list:

01 The Wolf Pack
02 banter
03 Bip Bop Bip
04 Corner Man
05 Bloody Mary
06 I'm Sad About It
07 Willow
08 I'm a Full-Grown Man
09 Hangman's Token
10 The Claw
11 banter
12 Willie Meehan
13 Full Moon in the Daylight Sky
14 Incarceration Casserole
15 You Told a Lie train wreck
16 You Told a Lie
17 Rock and Roll Baby
18 I Just Moved In
19 Turn Your Damper Down
20 Walking With Barrence
21 encore applause, banter
22 Mama Get the Hammer
23 Dig Yourself

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