Barry Guy New Orchestra
Cafe Oto, London
REcorded: 22 May 2014
Broadcast: 23rd June 2014

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Nice Fastone artworks included (thanks !!)

Quality: EX as always

This is a terrific concert and the good news is that, whilst it is relatively short, the announcer promised that
the other track on the official Radio Rondo CD was also recorded and will be broadcast in the future, so please do
Email to let them know that you want it - and that they don't forget their promise !!

TomP post on Dime, June 2014...Enjoy !!

Barry Guy (double bass); Johannes Bauer (trombone)

01 - Enceinte Fortifree (6.24)

Barry Guy (double bass); Maya Homburger (baroque violin)

02 - Rondo For Nine Birds (19.00)

Barry Guy (double bass)
Agust� Fern�ndez (piano)
Evan Parker (saxophones)
J�rg Wickihalder (saxophones)
Per Texas Johansson (saxophones)
Hans Koch (bass clarinet)
Herb Robertson (trumpet)
Johannes Bauer (trombone)
Per �ke Holmlander (tuba)
Paul Lytton (percussion)
Raymond Strid (percussion)

03 - Radio Rondo (25.00)

Total music = 50:24

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