BARRY MCGUIRE & JOHN YORK "TRIPPIN THE 60'S" live in the club the boederij city zoetermeer holland 2009-10-17

rock and roll

I have also bought the cd "TRIPPIN THE 60'S" at the show, this sounds better for my ears, as the cd

Barry McGuire and John York takes back you with sniffing tenon the 60 s to the sixties.
Large hits from those fantastic years are not only played such as California Dreamin, Tambourine man, Green Green, Monday Monday and Hair,
it is an interactive show! It is publicly asked sing, applaud, dance, etc.
Splendid anecdotes are told concerning people and music from the sixties. In short, emotional,
recognizable roller coaster ride, where is laughed, is danced, is cried, is sung and is thought back to that splendid time!

American singer-songwriter the Barry McGuire were confessed in 1965, with the protestsong `Eve or Destruction.
This number became worldwide a huge hit, although a lot of radio stations boycott the number.
John York have been confessed as a link member of the wereldberoemde group The Byrds,
which hits had with “Turn Turn Turn” and “Mr. Tambourine man”.
John drunk in these link as from 1968, during the whole Easy Rider era.

translates with systran

taped by Ane (flipp022)

Audience recording

recorder sony pcm-d50

microfoon homemade model 2010

flac level> 6

the sound is very good hifi stereo +++


01. Green Green

02. Times They are A Chang / Blowin' In the Wind

03. Mr Tambourlne Man

04. Eve of Destruction

05. Califomia Dreamin

06. Monday Monday

07. Creeque Alley

08. If You're Going to SanFrancisco

09. Dolphins

10. Everybody's Takin'

11. What A Day for A Daydream

12. Hair

13. Do You Believe in Magic

14. Green Back Dollar

15. Joy to the Wold

16. Reason to Believe

17. If I Were A Carpenter

18. City of New Orleans

19. Woodstock / Dancin'In the Street

20. In My Life

21. Frozen (Madonna)

22. In My Life (The Beatles )

I have still recording, of the zoom h2 recorder of this show, come maybe later,

and a video recording, that went in the beginning not good,I have no display on the camera, I was frightened that that I was seen, but the video is nevertheless well