Barry Mcguire & John York "Trippin The 60'S" Tour Live In The Club The Boederij City Zoetermeer Holland 2011-06-18

taped by Ane (flipp022)

Audience recording

recorder sony pcm-d50

microfone homemade new model 2023

Sound edited by ANE (FLIPP022)

flac level> 6

21 tracks

the sound quality is very good hifi stereo


00. intro

01. Green Green

02. Times They are A Chang Blowin' In the Wind

03. Mr Tambourlne Man

04. Eve of Destruction

05. Califomia Dreamin

06. monday monday

07. Creeque Alley

08. If You're Going to SanFrancisco

09. Dolphins

10. Everybody's Takin'

11. What A Day for A Daydream

12. Hair

13. Barry talking

14. Do You Believe in Magic

15. Reason to Believe

16. If I Were A Carpenter

17. City of New Orleans

18. Woodstock - Dancin'In the Street

19. Frozen (Madonna)

20. In My Life

21. West Virginia