Barry Melton & The Green Ray
Summer Of Love Party - secret location Kent UK

9th July 2016

Barry Melton & The Green Ray

Barry Melton : Lead Guitar, Vocals. (On 'Babylon', 'Who makes The Move', 'The Butcher's Boy' and 'All My Tears').
Simon Whalley � Lead Guitar
Jeff Gibbs � Bass & Vocals
Martin James Gee - Guitar & Vocals
Mark Callum - Drums

Track List

1. Babylon
2. Who Makes The Moves
3. Butchers Boy
4. All My Tears
5. Swains Green
6. Planes Crashing into Birds
7. Small Springs
8. Running Down Deep
9. Swedish Detective Movie

Next Gig

The Green Ray will be supporting Son Of Man with Deke Leonard
in Dagenham on 10th September.

Recorded using Olympus LS12
Edited and track splits with Wave Repair and Flac files created with Traders Little Helper

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