Barry Melton Band 1-19-84
The Last Day Saloon Sf, Ca.

Master Cassette Sony D6 w/Sony Stereo Microphone>
NAKCR3A> hard Drive> (Slight Bass Boost w/Sound Forge)> Flac6> You…Enjoy!

D1T01 San Francisco Shuffle
D1T02 Got Love
D1T03 Mean Ol'Stagger Lee
D1T04 Got To Hold On
D1T05 Blind Man
D1T06 Ships,Mountains,Deeamland
D1T07 Thirty Days
D1T08 The Dance
D1T09 Open My Eyes
D1T10 Colorado Town
D1T11 Motel Party baby
D1T12 Sloop John B.
D1T13 Nobody For President
D1T14 Love Machine

D2T01 Bucher's Boy
D2T02 I Can't Dance
D2T03 ?
D2T04 Dupree's
D2T05 Lucile
D2T06 ?
D2T07 Get A Bit Closer
D2T08 Mona
D2T09 Take A Whif On Me
D2T10 Jessie James
D2T11 The Sun Is Shining

A JAM Production!

Keep It Real, don't buy it or sell it.

The Band:

Barry Melton (The Fish) Guitar/Vocals
John Cipollina (Quicksilver) Guitar/Fangs/Vocals
Peter Albin (Big Brother) Bass/Vocals
Spenser Drydan (Airplane) Drums