Barry Melton Band, 12/13/97, The Saloon, San Francisco, 3CDR

(71min+46min+50min), CSB>D100, from floor in front of stage 8 feet from Barry; 48k dats > midiman delta dio 2496 > cooledit2000 > wav; 48k to 44k conversions was done at highest quality setting in cooledit2000; excellent sound [A-], low vocals; has the normal background talking found at the Saloon but they are not close to the mics or interfere with the music, (you have turn this up loud on good speakers to recreate this);

transfer 11/8/04 44k dats > midiman delta dio 2496 > cooledit > wav; cooledit used for splitting tracks

Barry "the Fish" Melton guitar and vocals, Peter Walsh guitar and vocals, Doug Kilmer bass and vocals, David Getz drums, & special guest Lisa Kindred vocals on 3 songs

1 (Set1) intro, 2 30 days > Got Love, 3 talk, 4 Wine Women and Whisky, 5 talk, 6 i just want a little bit, 7 talk, 8 Staggerlee, 9 if the river was whisky, 10 talk, 11 Do the Dance,

1 talk, 2 I Can't Dance, 3 talk, 4 doctor doctor (bring it with you when you come), 5 Butchers Boy, 6 talk, 7 they kicked me out of the band, 8 talk, 9 move your hand > get up stand up,

1 talk, 2 Colorado Town, 3 talk, 4 Hot Club Refugee, 5 Hokey Pokey, 6 talk, 7 hey bartender, 8 mystery train, 9 talk, 10 Mojo Navigator, 11 talk