Barry Melton Band, 2/21/98, The Saloon, San Francisco, 3CDR

(53min+46min+68min), CSHEB>D100 from floor at bar in front of stage at Peter Walsh on guitar, also Doug Kilmer on bass, Roy Blumenfeld on drums and special guest Lisa Kindred on 3 songs, audience generally quiet for Saloon, excellent sound except sound was too loud for pre-amp and levels were set to high invoking mic limiter which adds occasional distortion and harshness not present at show; there was also a mic problem on stage; still this has very in your face guitars and was very enjoyable to hear again; transfer 1/3/10 48k dat > midiman delta dio 2496 > cooledit > wav; cooledit used for 48k > 44k conversion at highest quality and for splitting tracks; excellent sound [A-]

Set1, 1 talk - intro, 2 green light (peter walsh), 3 talk - intros, 4 30 days >, 5 got love, 6 talk, 7 superbird, 8 talk, 9 if the river was whiskey (lisa kindred), 10 talk, 11 We've Got Franklin D. Roosevelt Back Again, 12 talk, 13 butchers boy,

Set2, 1 talk - intro, 2 I cant dance, 3 do the dance, 4 talk, 5 Move Your Hand (doug kilmer), 6 talk, 7 they kicked me out of the band (peter walsh), 8 talk, 9 Ah Shucks Shut Your Mouth (lisa kindred), 10 talk,

Set3, 1 talk - intro, 2 I had a dream about you baby, 3 talk, 4 feel so bad (lisa kindred), 5 talk, 6 just a little bit (peter walsh), 7 colorado town, 8 talk, 9 love machine, 10 talk, 11 mojo navigator, 12 talk, 13 house of blue lights (peter walsh), 14 talk, 15 SOS, 16 talk