Barry Melton Band (Fish Stu), 9/26/98, The Saloon, San Francisco, 2CDR

CSHEB>Zefiro Inbox>D100, as Fish Stu: Stu Blank keyboards, Doug Kilmer bass, Roy Blumenfeld drums, Peter Albin guests on 1st 2 songs, arrived late because of bob dylan show so missing most of a 1st short set which had equipment problems & ended with a broken string; most of the show at 1st row off of Barry except at end for Hokey Pokey on other side of dancing floor, some talking in background, excellent sound, vocals generally low in mix, some unknown occasional backgound crackling/distortion/static starting around 21:xx on dat2 which was not part of the show, pop at 1:07:3x when a wookie yanked on my mic and then readjusted at 1:13:xx

transfer 1/11/10: 44k dats > midiman delta dio 2496 > cooledit2000 > wav > flac

1 end of 1st set recording starting outside when paying entrance fee and then in through the door
2 Set2 begin talking/tuning
3 butchers boy
4 talk
5 colorado town
6 talk
7 ? (stu blank)
8 talk
9 feel so bad (lisa kindred)
10 talk
11 do the dance
12 talk
13 Set3 tuning
14 I canít dance
15 I had a dream
16 talk
1 move your hand (doug kilmer)
2 talk[
3 ? (stu blank)
4 talk
5 ? (stu blank)
6 talk
7 doctor doctor (take it with you when you come)
8 love machine
9 superbird
10 talk
11 We've Got Franklin D. Roosevelt Back Again
12 hokey pokey
13 baby what you want me to do (stu blank)
14 talk
15 SOS
16 talk