Barry Melton Band, 4/16/99, The Saloon, San Francisco, 3CDR

CSHEB>Zefiro Inbox>D100, excellent sound, vocals a litle low in mix, inputs at minimum, from floor right in front of Barry, special guests, Peter Walsh, peter albin, Roy Blumenfeld & special guest Kathi McDonald, lisa kindred
wayne de la cruz keyboard

missing 1st 4min of first song of 3rd set; drop/cut d3t1 0:11

transfer 1/10/10 44k dats > midiman delta dio 2496 > cooledit > wav; cooledit used for splitting tracks

CD1 Set1
1 talk/tuning
2 30 days
3 come back baby
4 talk
5 just a little bit (peter walsh)
6 talk
7 cc rider (kathi mcdonald)
8 talk
9 talk to me baby (kathi mcdonald)
10 talk
11 black night falling (kathi mcdonald)
12 talk and itsy bitsy spider
13 got love
14 talk

CD2 Set2
1 talk/tuning
2 do the dance
3 talk
4 if the river was whiskey (lisa kindred)
5 talk
6 hey bartender (lisa kindred)
7 talk
8 house of blue lights(peter walsh)
9 talk
10 hoochie coochie man(kathi mcdonald)
11 talk
12 Bring It On Home to Me (kathi mcdonald)
13 talk
14 what Iíd say (shared vocals with kathi)
15 talk
16 something you got( shared vocals with kathi)
17 talk

CD3 Set3
1 I had a dream
2 I canít dance
3 talk (chet helms introduces kathi mcdonald)
4 it hurts me too (kathi mcdonald)
5 talk
6 what you got to say about us (kathi mcdonald)
7 talk
8 house of the rising sun/in the pines (shared vocals with kathi)
9 talk - chet helms
10 I got my mojo working (kathi mcdonald)
11 talk