Barry Melton Band, 2/24/01, The Saloon, San Francisco, 3CDR (61min+56min+51min)

CSHEB> Zefiro Inbox> D100> 44k dat > delta dio 2496> cooledit2000> wav> shn

transfer 2/26/01 44k dats > midiman delta dio 2496 > cooledit > wav; cooledit used for splitting tracks

3/6/09 conversion: sbe fixed and flac-ed shn>wav>shntool>wav>flac

from standing 1st row center 5ft back from Barry 'The Fish' Melton (Country Joe & the Fish, Dinosaurs) guitar amp, Peter Albin's (Big Brother & the Holding Co, Dinosaurs) bass amp to the right, Banana's (Youngbloods, Zero) keyboards & guitar amps to the left, Greg Elmore (Quicksilver Messenger Service) on drums behind Barry, and vocals from a high speaker to the right behind; excellent sound; it needs to be cranked loud to ear ringing levels to be representative of the show and do the music justice

this was a really hot show for them, Chet Helms showed up in the audience and we can only speculate may have added some support in the break between sets; on cd2t4 near the end of this mind blanking jam we saw Barry checking his watch just before he started the closing set of vocals for the song I guess maybe to see whether time had actually stopped

CD1 Set1
1 can't judge a book by looking at the cover
2 Got Love
3 30 Days
4 intro/career rap
5 Going Back to New York City
6 3rd Degree
7 giants rap
8 Come Back Baby
9 kezar/woodstock pick rap
10 Superbird
11 outro

CD2 Set2
1 tuning
2 Do the Dance
3 I Can't Dance
4 Carry Me Home
5 intro rap
6 Blind man
7 video rap
8 Mojo Navigator
9 outro

CD3 Set3
1 tuning
2 Colorado Town
3 Butcher's Boy
4 tuning
5 Love Machine
6 tuning
7 I refuse to get the blues (banana)
8 I had a dream about you
10 outro