Barry Melton Band
Constable Jack's
Newcastle, CA

Barry Melton (Country Joe & The Fish & Dinosaurs),
Steve Ashman (Zasu Pitts), Banana (Youngbloods & Zero)
& Roy Blumenfeld (Blues Project & Seatrain)

onstage MG M300s plus one AT822 (cardiod xy stereo)
about 10' from pa speakers > Eurorack 802A >
Tascam DA-P1 - x'fer: Sony TCD-D7 > Sony CDR-W33 > CDR >
SoundForge > MKW > SHN

note: on 8/8/06 I decoded, renamed to
LMA standard and reencoded to flac fixing any sbe

recording etc. by Richard Selleseth

set 1/disc 1
30 Days >
Got Love
"pick schtick", intros etc
Cash On The Barrelhead
Butcher's Boy
The Dance
Cesar Chavez story & Screamin' Dave intro
I'm Gonna Love You 24 Hours A Day*
Barry rap
I Can't Dance
"dust storm from China" & other schtick
Can't Be True?

set 2/disc two
Tell Mama
Wine, Women & Whisky
Love Machine?
Merl/Hunter/Dinos rap & intro
Jesse James
Goin' Back To NYC
"where's Screamin' Dave"/dead air/tuning etc
Difficult Woman**

set 3/disc 3
SF Bay Blues
more schtick etc
Hokey Pokey
Just Can't Quit The Blues
Skynyrd tune
Mojo Navigator
encore, encore!!!/afterlife insurance schtick
E1: Ridin' With The King

* Screamin' Dave on vocals
** Screamin' Dave on guitar/vocals (no Barry)