Barry Melton Band
The Palms
Winters, CA USA

Barry Melton - guitar & vocals
Banana - keys, guitar, tenor electric guitar & vocals
Roy Blumenfeld - drums
Steve Ashman - bass
Bill Scholer - guitar & vocals (second set only)

sbd > Sony SBM1 > Tascam DA-20mkII
transfer: Tascam DA-20mkII >
LynxONE > Samplitude 6.0 > SoundForge 4.5 > MKWact > .shn

on 2008-11-17 I decoded
then encoded to flac 6 fixing any sbe

recording etc. by Richard Selleseth

disc one/set one
t01 "hi Rory..."
t02 Got Love
t03 "well, good evening..."
t04 I'm Already Married To The Blues
t05 "we're on a tour..."
t06 Stagger Lee
t07 I Can't Dance
t08 "so anyway..."
t09 Butcher's Boy
t10 "nothing like these oldies but goodies..."
t11 I'd Rather Die Young And Be Forgotten Than Live To Be Old Loving You
t12 "yeah..."
t13 Superbird
t14 "alright..."
set two
t15 "by request..."
t16 Shoeless Joe Jackson
t17 "ah, you can tell it's October..."
t18 30 Days

disc two/set two continued
t01 "Well..."
t02 Back To NYC
t03 "Mike McGowan, is he still out there?"
t04 Walkin' The Dog*
t05 "West Sac Mike..."/song intro etc.
t06 Bright Sunshine*
t07 band intros etc.
t08 Mojo Navigator
t09 "Yeah!, who's got one..."
t10 Cash On The Barrelhead
t11 Woodstock Pick Schtick etc.
t12 I Just Can't Quit The Blues
t13 "I really like playing around home..."/song intro etc.
t14 Born Under A Bad Sign
t15 SOS
t16 "thank you" etc.
t17 E: San Francisco

* Yolo County Supervisor Mike "West Sac Mike" McGowan on drums