Barry Melton Band
2005-10-01 (Sat)
Riverwalk Park
West Sacramento, CA

Barry Melton, Peter Walsh, Roy Blumenfeld,
Banana and Mario Cipollina with special guests
Mick Martin, JC Smith & Nick Gravenites

Microtech Gefell M300s onstage > Tascam DA-P1
transfer: Sony PCM-R500 > M-Box >
Pro Tools LE 6.7 16/48 > 16/44.1 >
Samplitude 6.0 > CDWav > flac

recording etc. by Richard Selleseth

d1t01 introduction
d1t02 Got Love
d1t03 introductions etc.
d1t04 Tiny Little Bit
d1t05 JC Smith intro etc.
d1t06 ? blues tune*
d1t07 banter etc.
d1t08 ? blues tune*
d1t09 ? blues tune*
d1t10 Banana intro etc.
d1t11 Back To NYC
d1t12 Mike McGowan intro etc.
d1t13 Walkin' The Dog$
d1t14 banter etc.
d1t15 Butcher's Boy

d2t01 Nick Gravenites intro etc.
d2t02 ? %
d2t03 Get Together%
d2t04 banter etc.
d2t05 Walkin' Blues%
d2t06 banter etc.
d2t07 I've Had My Fun%
d2t08 tuning etc.
d2t09 Follow Me Baby%
d2t10 Good Night Irene%
d2t11 banter etc.
d2t12 You Can't Hurt Me No More%
d2t13 noodling etc.
d2t14 Should Of Quit You%
d2t15 introductions etc.

* w/JC Smith on guitar & vocals
$ w/Mike McGowan on vocals
% w/Nick Gravenites on guitar & vocals