Barry Melton Band
2007-11-30 (Fri)
Berkeley, CA USA

Barry Melton - guitar & vocals
Banana - keys, guitar & vocals
Roy Blumenfeld - drums & vocals
Steve Ashman - bass

and special guests:
Henry Kaiser - guitar
Peter "Pops" Walsh - guitar & vocals
Snooky Flowers - baritone sax
Jeff Carter (?) - tenor sax
Will Scarlet - harmonica

Microtech Gefell M300s > Tascam DA-P1 (at sbd)
transfer: Sony R-500 > Audiophile USB >
Samplitude 6.0 > CDWav > flac 6

note: I had intended to tape onstage but the
FOH engineer had a problem with that although he
did not ask another taper to remove his mics from
stage. I have recorded at Ashkenaz that way several
times in the past without problem but "Alan"
insisted I would get a better recording at the sbd.
That may have been possible if he had mixed the
band well and turned it up enough. The mix is kinda
muddy (hard to hear keys, vocals etc. at times) and
the overall volume hardly rose over the chatty
crowd during quieter moments. That said the
recording is very listenable, I just think I could
have done better "my way".

recording etc. by Richard Selleseth

disc one
d1t01 Wavy ramble/Walkin' Blues
d1t02 intros etc.
d1t03 Goin' Back To NYC
d1t04 banter etc.
d1t05 Babylon >
d1t06 Tinny Little Bit
d1t07 banter etc.
d1t08 Baby What You Want Me To Do

disc two
d2t01 banter etc.
d1t02 Mustang Sally
d1t03 banter etc.
d1t04 The Dance
d1t05 Married To The Blues
d1t06 Hot Tub Refugee
d1t07 banter etc.
d1t08 ?? (instrumental)
d1t09 end of set blah blah