Barry Melton Band
2010-03-05 (Fri)
Highland Dell Lodge
Monte Rio, CA USA

Barry Melton - guitar & vocals
Peter Albin - bass & vocals
Roy Blumenfeld - drums & vocals
Austin DeLone - keyboards & vocals

sbd plus Microtech Gefell M300s (x/y 4' at stage lip) >
Xenyx 802 mixer > Sony R-500 > DAT (16/48)
transfer: Sony R-500 > Sound Devices USBpre >
Samplitude 6.0 (16/44.1) > CDWav > flac 6

note: There is occasional static coming from the sbd (not
horrible but there nonetheless)

recording etc. by Richard Selleseth

Big thanks to John Beckwith (sound guy and Nick's bass
player) for his assistance

Special guests:

* Nick Gravenites - guitar & vocals and
John Beckwith - bass (no Barry or Peter)

$ David LaFlamme - violin & vocals and
Linda LaFlamme - vocals

disc one/set one
d1t01 soundcheck
d1t02 Got Love
d1t03 Come Back Baby
d1t04 banter etc.
d1t05 Babylon
d1t06 band intros etc.
d1t07 San Francisco Bay Blues
d1t08 Nick & John intro etc.
d1t09 Heartache People *
d1t10 tuning etc.
d1t11 Funky News *
d1t12 tuning etc.
d1t13 Pride Of Man *
d1t14 banter etc.
d1t15 Mojo Navigator
d1t16 banter etc.
d1t17 S.O.S. (Same Old Song)
d1t18 banter etc.

disc two/set two
d2t01 Colorado Town
d2t02 The Dance
d2t03 banter etc.
d2t04 ? (Austin vocal)
d2t05 Mardi Gras In New Orleans (Austin vocal)
d2t06 David LaFlamme intro etc.
d2t07 Mustang Sally (Roy vocal) $
d2t08 banter etc.
d2t09 Lost In Paradise $
d2t10 Don't Do Me $
d2t11 banter etc.
d2t12 Soul Shake $
d2t13 banter