Barry Melton Band w/ Martin Fierro
Berkeley, CA USA

Microtech Gefell M300s in the sweet spot (aprox 20'
back/8' high) > Denecke PS-2 > Zefiro Inbox >
Sony PCM-M1

transfer: Sony TCD-D7 > Sony CDR-W33 > CDR > EAC >
SoundForge > MKW > SHN

recording etc. by Richard Selleseth

Note: Due to a crazy dancer sliding into my rig I had
a short power failure during Superbird. That track has
been replaced by Art Granoff's version from AKG C61s >
Tascam DA-P1 (hanging from rafters above my rig) X'fer:
is Sony TCD-D7 > Lynx One > SoundForge > MKW > SHN

on 2008-09-02 I decoded then encoded to flac 6
correcting any sbe

* with Will Scarlet on harmonica

disc one
set one
d1t01 intro
d1t02 Got Love
d1t03 Can't Be True
d1t04 Barry introduces Banana
d1t05 Back To NYC
d1t06 San Pablo Ave memories
d1t07 Come Back Baby
d1t08 "speaking of the Cabal..."
d1t09 Butcher's Boy
set two
d1t10 afterlife insurance schtick
d1t11 Ed Rosenthal speaks
d1t12 more afterlife schtick
d1t13 The Dance

disc two
set two continued
d2t01 Barry introduces Will Scarlet
d2t02 I Had A Dream Last Night*
d2t03 Merl dedication/stage banter
d2t04 Riding With The King (with Arlen Schierbaum on keys)*
d2t05 John Ashcroft schtick
d2t06 Tell Mama*
d2t07 I Can't Dance*
d2t08 Superbird*
d2t09 Mojo Navigator*
d2t10 thank you, goodnight - encore!
d2t11 E: Make A Man Into A Monkey*