Barry Melton with Stephane Missri & The Green Ray
The Stags Head Hoxton, London UK

22nd sept 2017

The Green Ray are

Simon Whalley � Guitar & Vocals
Jeff Gibbs � Bass & Vocals
Martin James - Guitar & Vocals
Mark Callum - Drums

Track List

1. Swedish Detective Movie
2. Strange Bargains
3. Float
4. Planes Crashing into Birds
5. Swains Green

Barry Melton & Staphane Missri join the band

6. Babble On
7. Jesse James
8. Got Love
9. Helping Hand
10. ???

The Brainiac also played but I had another battery problem so didn't record them, however another taper was there so I'm hoping he will send me the files to upload later.

The new album Half Sentences by The Green Ray available on Amazon or direct from the band - message Jeff on Facebook,
Also in store at Reckless Records - Berwick St London W1

Next Gig : Fri 13th Oct - The Brainiac 5 & The Green Ray - The Gunners London

Recorded using Olympus LS12
Edited and track splits with Wave Repair and Flac files created with Traders Little Helper

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