Kafé44, Stockholm, Sweden

Sunniva Bondesson: vocals, guitar
Stella Bondesson: bass, vocals
Greta Bondesson: banjo, tambourine, guitar, kick drum, snare drum, harmonica, vocals

This was a very close and intimate set, about 50 people. Most of the audience were probably friends and family. Lots of bantering and tuning between songs.

Lineage: DIY(WM61A)>DIY Battery Box>Olympus LS-10 (44/16)>Sound Forge Pro 10 (normalize and fade in/out)>CD Wave Editor 1.98 (Split)>TLH 2.5.0 (FLAC)

01 Rotten to the bones *
02 Spoken words
03 Here to pay my dues
04 Shame on *
05 Harsh
06 Nobody's really nice
07 Queen and drone *
08 One horse down
09 Haunt you

* New songs