Bass, Bone & Beyond - feat. Pizzarelli, Peplowski, Gordon & Leonhart
Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola
Broadcast date: 2009-03-27
Performance dates: 2006-11-23 & 2008-04-08

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Bass, Bone and Beyond —Two great duo sets from Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola-first that 'bad to the Bone' master Wycliffe "Pinecone" Gordon succumbs to Jay Leonhart (2008-04-08) swing with scat, didgeridoo and a good dose of humor. Then the sophisticated setting hosts a 'back porch-style' jam with clarinetist Ken Peplowski and guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli (2006-11-23).

Bucky Pizzarelli - guitar; Ken Peplowski - clarinet; Derek Smith - Piano; David Fink - Bass; Chuck Redd - vibes

Announcer 2:18
I Love You Samantha (Porter) 8:34

Announcer 1:37
What Is This Thing Called Love (Porter) 8:21

Announcer 0:58
Dream Dancing (Porter) 4:12

Wycliffe Gordon - trombone, vocals; Jay Leonhart - bass, vocals; Ted Rosenthal - piano; Alvin Atkinson - drums
Announcer 0:57
Lester Leaps In 5:33

Announcer 2:07
Toast My Bread (Gordon) 5:38

Announcer 0:43
Stars Fell on Alabama (Perkins) 7:10

Announcer 0:31
It Don't Mean a Thing If It Don't Have That Swing// (Ellington & Mill) 5:47

Voiceover Outro 1:28

Total Time: 56:21

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7139a76de609a6cc774cbf7e842fb257 [shntool] 01 Announcer.flac
895862a26048ea215a82480b7c2ca177 [shntool] 02 I Love You Samantha.flac
82eb093a5169a46d78ff6e91030c75d9 [shntool] 03 Announcer.flac
07b28d21e1ea43a724317ba2d6530a81 [shntool] 04 What Is This Thing Called Love.flac
075d5c43f414cb3a09c8bc43f1c908c5 [shntool] 05 Announcer.flac
99768a88f1ad5348f80d027bb9fa4652 [shntool] 06 Dream Dancing.flac
4dac9044e532ba749c4dcd26382ac6d0 [shntool] 07 Announcer.flac
f8ccababfd32e451833fcfd4c06ecb56 [shntool] 08 Lester Leaps In.flac
ff6f08c5cf9f724ddfff7fb7ed77ea60 [shntool] 09 Announcer.flac
26b2c4ced4ea466ff485f705905570dd [shntool] 10 Toast My Bread.flac
63cb115f45b160038846358c223c92c8 [shntool] 11 Announcer.flac
111e34625bc52c88acac181d237d3a23 [shntool] 12 Stars Fell on Alabama.flac
b130a5f926c44d974ec67feb9c7aa394 [shntool] 13 Announcer.flac
5bb314b20d53e8e89f9e7b5bf9866480 [shntool] 14 It Don't Mean a Thing, If It Don't Have That Swing.flac
dbd7ecb268e84389a134ee8195dbc4d6 [shntool] 15 Voiceover Outro.flac

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