Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT

June 8, 2007 "sort of" *RESEED*

This one was seeded here before by punkjazz in 2007. For the reseed I had to make new FLACs based on my CDR copy.

Ray Anderson - trombone

Mark Helias - bass

Gerry Hemingway - drums

CD1 (1st set) (total time 66:51)

01. Intro/Tuning/Banter (6:48)

02. Kinda' Louisian (Ray Anderson) (18:09)

03. And Then Some (Mark Helias) (13:47)

04. The Map (Ray Anderson) (16:10)

05. Rallier (Gerry Hemingway) (11:55)

CD2 (2nd set) (total time 53:11)

01. Intro/tuning/Banter (2:39)

02. Lips Apart (Ray Anderson) (14:47)

03. Sho Tuff (Gerry Hemingway) ((13:00)

04. Edwards Dance (for Ed Blackwell) (Gerry Hemingway) (22:43)

original info:

Hard to believe that this band has been around (on and off) for 30 years now....I recall seeing them a lot in the early-mid 80's, but not so much in recent years. Helias and Hemingway are telepathic by now, and Anderson is truly one of the GREAT trombonists of the day.

Some slight mic clipping on the drums, mostly in the second set, when they are at their loudest, but otherwise an excellent recording.



This reseed:

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