Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash 2007-07-01
"Wild West Music Fest"
Festival Park, Sleepy Hollow Sports Park
Pleasant Hill, Iowa USA
Des Moines Renaissance Faire grounds

This was a two-day event on the grounds of the renaissance fair,
so it was this slightly surreal scene of a simulated medieval street
and shops with a big fake castle beyond the end of the street...
but with men in cowboy gear and women in prairie dresses walking
about, a medicine show (not W.S. walcott's, unfortunately), horses...

There was a full afternoon of music with BSOJC headlining, but attendance
at the Fest was sparse and most of those who were there weren't there for
the music. All told there were probably couple dozen people watching at the
peak, but grounds were so open we were spread out over like half a football
field. The band was set up in front of the castle, hence some of the comments.

Bryan forgot some of his patch cords and we had no idea where the nearest
Radio Shack was-- Sleepy Hollow is pretty much out in the sticks on the east
side of town-- so he set his gear up on a stool under the canopy over the
soundboard and recorded with his mics. In one of the first songs you can
hear some chick hollering above the music, because she wants to sit on the stool.

Every so often you hear what sounds like gunshots. That's
the simulated old west shoot-out going on a bit up the fake street.

disc 1
Truck Stop in LaGrange
Road to Bakersfield
Get Rhythm
Borderline of the Heart
Good-Hearted Woman
King of the World
Night Comes In
Radio Girl
Austin Night

disc 2
The Power of a Woman
All You Ever Do is Bring Me Down
Big River
Damage is Done
California Skies
Honky Tonk Night Time Man
Marfa Lights
Interstate Cannonball
So Long Baby Goodbye

Source: Sonic Studios DSM6's> Sony M1 DAT
Transfer: DAT> standalone CD burner> CD> EAC