Bat For Lashes
Rough Trade East (In-Store)
4th July 2016

Lineage: Olympus LS14 Recorder (internal mics) > 16 bit > amadeus pro > xld > flac
taper: rayrad

01. intro
02. I Do
03. Joe�s Dream
04. chat
05. In God�s House
06. chat
07. Sunday Love
08. chat
09. Never Forgive The Angels
10. Close Encounters
11. Laura
12. band intros + chat
13. Daniel
14. chat
15. I Will Love Again

Natasha Khan - vocals / guitar / omnichord
Laura Groves - keys / vocals
Alex Reeves - drums / vocals
Tim Allen - guitar / bass / keys / vocals

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promoting new album, �the bride�, the current BFL line up are squished onto the tiny stage of rough trade east

always a precarious perch

but ever worth it for probably the best live sound in london

how is it that the PA in a record store is better than that of any other medium sized or small venue in the capital?

whatever the reason, it means it�s almost always worth queuing up for what�s always going to be a short set

and tonight is no exception

even though it�s only 40 minutes, somehow this show feels better than the much anticipated union chapel launch of the new songs back in may

perhaps just because the anticipation isn�t the same

but natasha seems less nervous with the new material

and gives her astonishing voice the full rein it didn�t seem to get at that earlier show

anyway, i�ve no business being picky

they�re always a tremendous live proposition

and somehow so eminently likeable!

with the great sound, this came out lovely too