Battle Hyms and Gardens

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Secrect Society
Portland, OR.


01. Yam Hill . . . . . . . . . . . .(05:28)
02. The Coolest Person I Know . . . (08:52)
03. applause - Reed speaks . . . . .(00:37)
04. Cloud and Proud . . . . . . . . (05:45)
05. applause and band intros . . . .(00:52)
06. Denardo's Blues . . . . . . . . (08:09)
07. applause - Reed speaks . . . . .(00:46)
08. A Nicaragua . . . . . . . . . . (09:01)

total time : 39:34

Band Members:

Reed Wallsmith: Alto Saxophone, Composition

Joe Cunningham: Tenor Saxophone, Penny Whistle, Composition

Jon Shaw: Bass

Tim DuRoche: Drums

trks 1&2 by Joe Cunniingham
trks 4&8 by Reed Wallsmith
trk 6 by ???


ZoomH2 internal mic to sd card 16/44 WAV > pc > CD Wave for track splitting > tlh flac level 8

recording & prepared by mcchocchoc June 2014

***From the band's website*********************************************

Originally formed in 2007 as a free improvisation ensemble, BHaG have evolved into one of the most compelling units on the Portland scene, balancing original compositions reminiscent of Don Cherry and Ornette Coleman and Loft Jazz era giants like Sam Rivers with spacious, lyrical landscapes, a la Paul Motian and Roscoe Mitchell�as well as a healthy dose of deeply conversational interplay and humor. The players bring a bevy and bandolero of experience to the stand (from work with Blue Cranes, Decemberists, an array of US and European avant-garde jazz innovators � such as Perry Robinson, Paul Plimley-Lisle Ellis, Wally Shoup, Gust Burns, Jack Wright, Marco Eneidi, Didier Petit, as well as with blues bands, Beijing Opera musicians, auctioneers, and Russian circus clowns) and deliver music that is cinematic, deeply human and ever engaging.


I really enjoyed this set. I had seen Reed & Joe perform with Blue Cranes a couple of times, but never with Battle Hymns and Gardens.
On this evening they were on a bill centered around a few sets by Elliott Sharp (solo & band). First up was Elliott performing a solo set. A piece titled "Haptikon". Battle Hymns and Gardens played second, then Elliott and Boodlers, followed by all of the musicians playing together for Elliott's Graphic Score titled "Foliage".

It was a great night. The Secret Society is a fancy little club/ballroom and the room is rather nice. The stage is about three feet off of the ground and there were about 15 tables set up on the floor. I secured a table front and center and that is where I had my Zoom and one of my Video Cameras.

Elliott was cool (as always) with me recording and filming his sets, but I had not spoken before-hand to any member of Battle Hymns and Gardens (afterward I did). For their set I did not record any video, just this audio. Before and after Elliott's set there was discussion as to where Battle Hymns should set up. On the floor or the stage. Ultimately, it was decided that the floor was the place to set up. We pushed the tables on the floor back a couple of feet to give the band more room. So, they were set up only about one foot in front of my table and recorder right there on the floor. Cool!

Left to right was, drum kit > acoustic bass (into a small amp) > alto sax > tenor sax. The drum kit had one overhead mike, bass had a small combo amp, and the saxes had one mike each (of which they did not really point their saxes toward). I was a bit worried that the recording would suffer due to them being only a foot in front of me. I set the level to what I thought would be good and it was. The recording turned out pretty sweet sounding. Turn it up! Enjoy.

Much thanks to Battle Hymns and Gardens, esp. to Reed for being ok with recording and encouraging me to do it again in the future.

July 2014 mcchocchoc

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