London, UK
October 14th, 1982

AUD: ??? -> CD-R (unknown options) -> WAV -> FLAC

01. interview*
02. third uncle
03. silent hedges
04. in fear of fear
05. a spy in the cab
06. honeymoon croon
07. of lilies and remains
08. rosegarden funeral of sores
09. antonin artaud
10. the passion of lovers
11. the three shadows (part II)
12. nighttime
13. kick in the eye
14. hollow hills
15. stigmata martyr
16. in the night
17. ziggy stardust

* Onstage interview conducted by Steve Sutherland of N.M.E. ( around 21 minutes).

Notes: This recording
isn't quite up to the other early Bauhaus shows for quality, but still great none
the less (B-). A "must have" for the interview alone. Millisecond gaps between tracks,
but analysis looks clean. Pitch corrected with SF8 by terrapinstation 2005-07-26.