Bawn IN The Mash
June 04,2011
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Bean Blossom,IN

source:sbd > CA-9100 > MR-1 @ 1 bit 2.8MHz
transfer:MR-1 > audiogate (track,fades,16/44.1) > TLH-fix sbe's,flac level 8
taped/transferred/shared by indydarkstar

t01. Mary Jane
t02. Paducca Rag
t03. unknown
t04. Keep On Truckin'
t05. unknown
t06. Montana Slim
t07. River Of Life
t08. unknown
t09. unknown
t10. unknown
t11. unknown
t12. unknown

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Thanks to John Hotze for a great festival,
the soundcrew for great sound and the patch,
and the band for a great set