Be Bop Deluxe:
The Cathedral
12 March 1976

Source: FM broadcast (Philadelphia Live)
Lineage: HUB Download > Editing (Sound Studio/Audacity/Goldwave) > xACT (Sector boundary alignment, tags)

Set List
01. Intro
02. Fair Exchange
03. Stage Whispers
04. Life In The Air Age
05. Crying To The Sky
06. Ships In The Night
07. Sister Seagull
08. Maid In Heaven
09. Blazing Apostles
10. No Trains To Heaven (incomplete)

Removed micro gaps at beginning of tracks 0.015 secs
Removed 4.08 secs at end of each track
Speed correction +9% (compared to LITAA and BBC official releases)
EQ'd boosted mid and high end
LHC boosted +2.5 except SS +7.5, BA no change

FE - some seconds missing at 3.08
SW - minor interference at 1.21 - impact reduced and copied over RHC but there may still a skip/drop out
MIH - drop out at 1.30 - repaired/reduced impact
BA - drop out removed at 11.06 (crowd only)
NTTH - copied LHC to RHC to remove static blast

March 2014