Artist: The Beach Boys
Album: California Feeling
Label: Polyphone
Catalog No: PH 1315
Country of Origin: Somewhere in Europe
Year of Release: 1990

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1. California Feeling
2. Brian's Back
3. We're Together Again
4. Our Team
5. How's about a little bit of your sweet love
6. I'm begging you please
7. Santa Anna Winds
8. Looking down the Coast (Jardine)
9. Lazy Lizzie
10. California Dreaming
11. Skatetown USA (Mike Love)
12. Sherry She needs me
13. River Song
14. Stevie
15. Marilyn Rovell
16. We Gotta Grove
17. Carry Me Home (Dennis Wilson)
18. Be My Baby
19. You've Lost that loving feeling
20. Shorting Bread
21. Lines
22. On Broadway
23. Games two Can Play
24. Its Trying to say
25. Still I dream of it

Note: As a lower-rent label, Polyphone generally copied other discs for its releases, and this was no exception: it's mostly a dub of the then-seminal "California Feeling" vinyl boot. Several tracks later surfaced from tape sources, if not necessarily in much better fidelity. Still, a classic set.

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