Beastie Boys
May 17 1992
Michigan State University Auditorium
East Lansing MI

Unknown Type of Recorder/Microphone > Unknown Generation Analog Tape received in a tape trade (1995) > computer hard drive > tracks split with CD wav editor > CD-R > DIME 2013 FLAC

00. To All the Girls (not part of this recording)
01. Slow and Low
02. Shake Your Rump
03. Pass the Mic
04. Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun
05. Rhymin' and Stealin'
06. Time for Livin'
07. Egg Raid on Mojo
08. In 3's
09. POW
10. Live at PJ's
11. Stand Together
12. Posse in Effect
13. A Year and a Day
14. The Sounds of Science
15. Finger Lickin' Good
16. High Plains Drifter
17. So What'cha Want
18. Paul Revere
19. The Maestro
20. Groove Holmes
21. Something's Got to Give
22. Lighten Up
23. Gratitude
24. Stand Up (Minor Threat Cover)
xx. Time to Get Ill (Not Part of this recording)
xx. Shadrach (Not Part of this recording)

Uploader's notes:
This recording has a fair amount of tape hiss and (if someone out there is willing) could benefit from some touch up work. I have never had much luck using audio software to remove hiss or boost vocals. Whenever I attempted to "clean" something, the result had a cave like hollow sound to it´┐Żanyway this is an unaltered transfer right from the cassette tape.

It would even be better yet if someone here on DIME would share a lower generation version or master.

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