Beasts Of Bourbon
Olympic Park
Sydney, NSW

Taper : clogboy2005
Equipment : D100 & ATM shotgun mic
Type : Audience
Generation : masterclone

Lineage; D100 DAT & ATM shotgun mic � DAT stand alone � Yamaha stand alone cdr burner � CD - EAC v.1.00 (secure mode) �you


01. Chase The Dragon
02. The Low Road
03. Make 'Em Cry
04. A Place Called Bad
05. Just Right
06. Straight, Hard, Low
07. Driver Man
08. Saturated

Total Running Time : 00:50:44
Size (FLAC) : 315,78 MB

Tex and his band played in the afternoon on a smaller stage, roughly an hour before the Stooges Show (also taped by me).
This was a fantastic concert and the sound was very loud from where I was standing.
Think the Beasts delivered a better show than the Stooges that day.
Having said that, Ron Asheton was sick so he was excused for the mediocre Stooges show.

2014 is a year of celebrations for me. 25 Years of taping concerts and the 10th anniversary of migrating to Australia.
I taped around 550 concerts, though the vast majority of these shows were taped between 1990 and 2003.
I have made a selection out of my collection to share with Dimers. I want you to enjoy the recording. No rules, no restrictions.
Do what you want to do with it, convert, remaster, repost. It is up to you (however, credit for the tape would be appreciated..)