Remastered Edition
Remasters Workshop RMW 687

Vinyl transfer by beatlebren66, from the LP on His Master's Choice HMC 012.

Declicked, pitch, phase and level corrected at Remasters Workshop April 2011.

This has got to be the quietest vinyl transfer I have ever heard, and for a bootleg vinyl pressing, this was nearly perfect. It won't be obvious that what you are listening to is a record. Thanks to beatlebren66, we now have a digital rendering of The Beatles Christmas Album from a blue vinyl HMC package. I have no idea what source they used for the flexidiscs, but this is about the best I've ever heard them. All extraneous noises were removed, but noise reduction was not necessary.

For this edition, some work was done on a few passages that came in louder than the others, to match them with the levels of the surrounding audio. For instance, "TELL ME, are you enjoying the wine?" which was ramped down in volume by the compressor, is all at the same level as the rest of the piece now.

Track listing:

01 The Beatles Christmas Record
02 Another Beatles Christmas Record
03 The Third Beatles Christmas Record
04 The Beatles Fourth Christmas Record - Pantomime - Everywhere It's Christmas
05 Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
06 The Beatles 1968 Christmas Record
07 The Beatles Seventh Christmas Record

ffp, st5 files and artwork are included.

Please preserve the lossless quality of this material.

Posted to Demonoid April 12, 2011.

Special thanks to beatlebren66.


Remasters Workshop
RMW 687

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