beau brummels
San Francisco (CA) usa
golden gate park

soundboard rec 3rd gen cassette
-no transfer info-
from the R.S. archive

3rd gen cass played back on nakamichi cr7e (azimuth aligned) dolby B off-->edirol 04-->HD
level corrections in audacity {NO EQ - NO NR} --tracked in cdwave--flac(8)
(hanwaker transfer 2014-08)

the mix is not the best ,very uneven in spots,
hiss is prominent but still a good listen


01 -intro-
02 love can fall a long way down
03 melody
04 just a little
05 native sons
--start----06 goldrush
07 pot of steel
08 sad little girl
09 watching the night
-end--10 laugh laugh
11 back to life
12 hard time lovin'
13 goodbye
14 -encore-
15 black is black
16 -outro-

from the R.S. archive, a hanwaker transfer,mastering and upload to dime 2014-08