Hoboken, NJ (USA) - Maxwell's

SOURCE: Schoeps MK-4 mics > DAT > DATclone > digital transfer to PC via Waveterminal U24

1.Puttin It Down
2.Dust in the Wind
3.Cold Brains
4.Waitin' for a Train
5.Girl Dreams
6.Cyanide Breath Mint
8.Farmboy Breakdown
9.Hollow Log
10.One Foot in the Grave
11.Painted Eyelids
12.Dust in the Wind (Reprise)
15.Totally Confused
16.Pay No Mind (Snoozer) / I Get Lonesome / Truckdrivin Neighbors Downstairs (Yellow Sweat) / Alcohol / Modesto / Cyanide Breath Mint / Painted Eyelids / Fuckin With My Head (Mountain Dew Rock) Medley
17.Heartland Feeling

NOTES: Received in trade in late '90s. A different version of this show (analog 1st gen from another source) was previously torrented on DIME a few years ago but this one is from the DAT Schoeps source and sounds excellent. A couple nights before this at his NYC Supper Club show Beck casually mentions that he'll be playing Maxwell's a few days later.

Recorded by ?
Seeded on DIME by JLW 2010


Beck was in New York to promote Odelay on the MTV Music Awards and David Letterman. He stepped over to New Jersey to play an acoustic gig tonight, in what is now a pretty famous show.

The bootleg is very clear, and great sound quality. (There is a chatty person near the taper, who chats about Taco Bell and shouts for "I'm So Lonely!!" (sic) Beck hears her and is like "what is that?" She really sounds crazy desparate to hear it. Eventually someone must've told her it's called "I Get Lonesome," and Beck says 'you figured it out!" in an awesome smackdown. You also get to hear the taper tell her to be quiet. It's kind of fun, in a way.)

Another audience member, after "Cyanide Breath Mint" scolds Beck loudly. "You didn't finish the song!" she yells. Beck is confused and is like "what are you talking about?" He then explains that's all there was to the song.

Anyway, odd audience aside, the show is a beauty, and Beck shows his quick wordplay, adding different lines into songs all throughout. He plays a great setlist, and for the most part sounds terrific (maybe just a little hoarse in some spots). Beck takes requests, which leads to him improvising a song called "Dust In The Wind." "Girl Dreams" is a highlight. "Asshole" and "Cold Brains." The whole show really is a joy. I'll never know what makes him bust out the old Banjo Story country instrumental, "Farmboy Breakdown," but lo and behold.

After "One Foot," Beck brings his band to the tiny stage (and tries to get Money Mark going on the keys, but it appears to be broken). The band songs are "Painted Eyelids," "Ramshackle," "Rowboat," "Totally Confused." He then does a crazy crazy orgy of songs. He asks his band if they know "Heartland Feeling" and they seem to say no, but he does it anyway.