Cologne, Germany - E-Werk 1999.11.18
Cologne, Germany - Palladium 2000.03.13

I've seen the show on 2000.03.13 (which was moved from the e-werk to a different location nearby, the Palladium I think, though I'm not sure). So I guess he played twice in Cologne (with the same setlist) or the infos on the CD are completely wrong. Any info is appreciated.

The show (different source) was seeded here before but is dead now:

SOURCE: FM -> CD -> Flac

01 Sexx Laws
02 Loser
03 Novocaine
04 Mixed Bizness
05 Deadweight
06 Peaches & Cream
07 The New Pollution
08 Debra
09 Jack-ass
10 Where It's At
11 Beercan
12 DJ Solo
13 Pressure Zone
14 Devil's Haircut