Alice Tully Hall NYC
(Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts)

Taper: jkeats
Source: row 12 center > sound pros cmc6 > sound pros battery box > d8 > CDR > EAC > MKW
Mics were taped to rail in front of taper.

1 Cold Brains
2 Lonesome Whistle (Hank Williams)
3 Bottle of Blues
4 Guess I'm Doin Fine
5 "New York Show" Improv
6 Nobody's Fault
7 Cancelled Check
8 No Expectations (Rolling Stones)
9 Dead Melodies
10 Side of the Road
11 Tropicalia
12 Beechwood Park (Zombies)
13 Cypress Grove (Skip James)

Notes: recording level was too low for about the first 3 minutes then its fine

1 medley (Rowboat/Nitemare Hippy Girl/Jackass/Asshole)
2 Lazy Flies
3 Debra (best version evah!)
4 Lost Cause
5 Round the Bend
6 Sunday Sun
7 -encore break-
8 The Golden Age
9 Sing it Again
10 -encore break-
11 Love (John Lennon)
12 Kangaroo (Big Star)
13 Sunday Morning (Velvet Underground)

Notes Great show! As mentioned before the level can be a bit on the low side but overall excellent recording and a great show. Amazing setlist and hilarious banter from Beck.