Harvest Festival
Parramatta Park

NOV 17TH 2012

zoom h2>audacity>cd wav>you
md5 etc by TLH

No idea about song titles apart from "Loser" maybe.

This was my first festival recording, occasional loud voices and cheers
suddenly bursting into the mix but generally only between tracks
(with the exception of one track when a couple wouldn't shut up and I
couldn't get away.Cn't remember which track that was now)
There's also some bass beats thumping away which is audible between
tracks.There was a small dance stage a couple of hundred metres away,
couldn't do anything about that.
To be honest I didn't enjoy the show initially,never really got Beck
but I'm suprised how better it sounded when I was getting this show
ready. The crowd loved it natch.

Fairly good sound overall, it was a bit windy by this point so the sound
swirled around occasionally but this is perfectly listenable.

track 7 banter
track 10 intro to....
track 11 lonesome bondi new years eve
track 18 loser


philandjenny recordings no.12