September 10, 2017
A Slippery Stadium in
Indianapolis, Indiana

Source: Sound Professionals CMC-08s (AT943s)->SP-SB10->Roland R05->
CoolEditPro->CD Wave->TLH
Taper: ironchef

Total time: 58:44

01. Devil's Haircut
02. Black Tambourine
03. Think I'm in Love
04. Go It Alone
05. Lost Cause
06. Heart Is a Drum
07. Dreams
08. Girl
09. Wow
10. Loser
11. E-Pro
12. Where It's At
13. Band intros medley
14. One Foot in the Grave
15. Where It's At (reprise)

Notes: This was his set opening for U2. I started out in the center of the field
and moved over to the right very early on to avoid the chatter and was very pleased
with the sound especially considering that the venue isn't exactly built
for good acoustics. I was not a fan back when he became big, but I've gained respect
for Beck over the years and was happy to see him as the opener. I dug it even more
than I thought I would and was really getting into it after a few songs. Enjoy!