Jeff Beck- guitar (what else?)
Tim Bogart- bass
Carmine Appice- drums
Olympia, Paris, France
June 12, 1973
performance quality: B+ a good show
recording quality: B
source: 3rd gen audience tape
runtime: 83:35
1: superstition
2: livin' alone > I'm so proud
3: lady
4: morning dew
5: lose myself with you (bass solo)
6: black cat moan > blues deluxe
7: why should I care
8: goin' down > boogie
thanks to stratcat58 for the recording source
I think there is someone else in this group as well, but am
quite sure this is my first offering with BBA. (actually thanks
again to stratcat58 for this one), it may be a little better sound
than the 76 San Diego one I posted recently. (sound sample in comments)
This one seems to be complete, the quality is hardly wonderful but
well above the for completists level (and consistent) and a good
show from Beck and his friends here in Paris. The music is kinda
on the "blues- rock" side, some of the songs in this tour were
played on the previous tour (superstition, morning dew, goin' down)
but I wouldn't call it laid back blues. I'd call it Beck blues, and
that's not quite the same thing. It's partly, but far from entirely
because of stratcat58's Beckness that I have shared so much Beck.
It's also because he has alot of good songs. If I tried to calculate
how much great music Jeff Beck has been involved in, it blows the mind,
he's had alot of it. Some heard for the 1st time on this tour. I think
Lady is the highlight of this for newer material, but the whole show is
a good performance. There's no lack of Jeff Beck appreciation in Paris,
and you don't have to be French to appreciate that.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
cuz Every Beck fan deserves a
piece of Carmine Appice's fine work.
And I'm not about to bogart that Tim either.
(that's his job.)
Mine is to share.