**Remastered** by thir13en

w/ Flaming Lips
Santa Monica, CA

Another great in-studio Beck performance, and during his tour with the Flaming Lips as his band. This is fine quality stuff here, from the first to the last note, it's a real nice ride.

I've heard a few sources of this show and come across a few different lossy sourced ones as well. While I wouldn't suggest taping shows from a Grundig radio, this one was the best source I've heard. Much gratitude to our taper for making it happen with the tools that were handy at the time. I cleaned up the static a bit and then smoothed over the spectrum, maximized.

It's a very clear recording, KCRW does exceptional work yet again.

1 golden age
2 we live again
3 cold brains
4 do you realize
5 lonesome tears
6 lost cause
7 little one
8 paper tiger
9 new pollution


Lineage: Grundig Yachtboy FM radio>G4 OEM minijack input>16 bit aiff>edited, normalized, tracked with Sound Studio>FLAC8 via Xact.

Recorded with a portable radio because my thrift store tuner died the day before.
A stellar performance, more FM noise than usual due to the Grundig radio.

Talking is edited out.

no mp3, no sell, no way.