The Bee Gees - In Concert, Australia 1971
First released September 2011

01. New York Mining Disaster 1941 (3:02)
02. To Love Somebody (4:22)
03. Really And Seriously (4:32)
04. Every Second, Every Minute (3:34)
05. Lay It On Me (3:09)
06. Jingle Jangle (1:58)
07. Morning Of My Life (3:58)
08. Holiday (3:42)
09. I Can�t See Nobody (5:03)
10. Words (4:32)
11. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (4:15)
12. I Started A Joke (3:31)
13. I�ve Gotta Get A Message To You (3:03)
14. Massachusetts (3:23)
15. Lonely Days (4:51)

==About the album==

In mid-1971, the Bee Gees undertook their first tour of Australia since they had left the country nearly five years earlier to achieve global fame. Their 15 July 1971 concert at Festival Hall in Melbourne was filmed by the ABC for an Australian television special. Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb--with Barry on guitar and Maurice on guitar and piano--were backed by guitarist Alan Kendall, drummer Geoff Bridgford, and a 16-piece orchestra directed by Bill Shepherd. This helped them create arrangements about as full as those heard on their records, and even though the sound wasn�t perfect, it was a pretty good performance that showcased their most popular material of the era. Every one of their big 1967-1971 hits--New York Mining Disaster 1941, To Love Somebody, Holiday, I Can�t See Nobody, Words, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, I Started A Joke, I�ve Gotta Get A Message To You, Massachusetts and Lonely Days--is here, lending the show something of a greatest hits air. A few other songs from the era are included as well, with Really And Seriously being the highlight. Apart from Lay It On Me--where Maurice takes the lead vocal--Robin and Barry are the primary lead singers, though three-part harmonies are naturally often a feature. The on-stage patter and joking isn�t very interesting or dynamic, but the performances are good. It�s certainly a concert that is representative of the sound for which the Bee Gees first became internationally famous.

==About this transfer==

This concert has never been officially released on any format. For this transfer I used a bootleg DVD of the 1971 television special, recorded from a 1990s Rage broadcast.

The extracted sound quality was quite good, but not perfect. After extracting the audio from the DVD, I:
-increased the peak level to around -0.5db
-trimmed the talk at the beginning of the recording, and faded in the orchestra
-repaired the occasional out of phasing (now plays true mono throughout)
-repaired over 30 minor tape dropouts
-removed many, many, small ticks that I found annoying (tape dust?)
-filtered the 15734.25 (NTSC) and 15625 (PAL) frequencies

Finally, I resampled and dithered the 24bit/48kHz audio down to Red Book (CD) audio specifications.

Unfortunately, as the source is a television broadcast which itself is an edit of the performance, the encore track Spicks And Specks is not included. The copy of the track I have, taken from a re-broadcast of an old Hit Scene episode, was not of sufficient sound quality to include.

==Remastered by Q==

Source Matrices
01-15: "The Bee Gees In Concert" bootleg DVD, audio track

- N/A

- DVD Audio Extractor 6.0.1 (audio extraction from DVD)
- Audition 3.0.1 (audio editing and repair)
- iZotope RX Advanced (audio repair and resampling and dithering to Red Book audio specifications)

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