The Bee Gees play a only show in Barcelona, this is:

The Bee Gees live at Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, June 25, 1991.

Disc 1

01 Tragedy
02 You win again
03 I�ve gotta get a message to you
04 Juliette
05 House of shame
06 The only love
07 When he�s gone
08 To love somebody
09 Ghost train
10 How can you mend a brokenheart
11 One
12 High civilization
13 Words
14 Stayin� alive
15 In the morning

Disc 2

01 And the sun will shine
02 World
03 Too much heaven
04 Heartbreaker
05 Holiday
06 Saved by the bell
07 Run to me
08 New York mining disaster 1941
09 Lonely days
10 Dimensions
11 I started a joke
12 Massachussets
13 Secret love
14 Jive talkin�
15 Party with no name
16 You should be dancing

Audience recording.
Master tape recorded by myself with a very old Sanyo cassette recorder with an
external mini micro.
Audio tapes>CDr>Wav>Flac --> 2CDsWAV --> FLAC 8

Thanks Bee Gees for all these great songs and the good moments in my life.
Good luck Robin.
Bee Gees forever.

MD5 by original uploader and ffp by me...Enoy!

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